Diamond Cut Millennium

Diamond Cut Millennium has now become the entry level of Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools. Millennium is a powerful audio editing, restoration and CD mastering application that runs on the Windows operating system. It removes hiss, pops, tics, crackle, buzzes, surface noise and just about any other kind of defect from your recordings. With DCart Millennium you can record you old records through your sound card, clean them with our filters, then prepare them for writing to CD with our CD mastering features. All of our filters have real-time preview so you can hear the effects of your changes instantly.  Here is a brief overview of DCart Millennium features:

Audio Editing:
Millennium includes a full suite of audio editing features such as cut, copy, paste, mute, mix, and fade with 100 levels of undo. It also has a flexible file conversion feature for converting between mono and stereo files. It supports 8-16 or 24bit mono or stereo files at any sample rate from 8kHz to 96kHz (if supported by your sound card). We also have a waveform generator for making test tones or for making frequency response measurements when used in conjunction with the Real Time Spectrum Analyzer. 

We have made DCart Millennium easier to use with with features such as real time looping preview, instant bypass of any filter and looped playback. We have added hundreds of filter presets to get you started quickly. Millennium uses peak files for very fast zooming and panning around big wave files. All recording and playback can be monitored by our peak reading VU meters.

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Audio Restoration:
DCart Millennium has a full set of audio restoration tools such as the Impulse Filter for removing ticks, pops and clicks, the Continuous Noise filter for removing surface noise, rumble or static, the Harmonic filter for removing harmonically related noise such as electrical hum and buzzes, and a Speed Change filter for correcting off-speed masters. It also include a full compliment of standard filters like High Pass, Low Pass, BandPass, Notch and Averaging filters for general enhancement and cleanup work, plus a Median filter for crackle reduction and speech enhancement. A Channel Time Offset feature can be use for making azimuth corrections or enhancing speech in forensic applications.

Audio Enhancement:
Millennium's enhancement features include a 10 band graphic equalizer and a 10 band Paragraphic Equalizer for complete flexibility in equalization, a Virtual Valve Amplifier that simulates the sound of a wide variety of vacuum tube amplifiers and harmonic exciters, a Compressor/Expander/DeEsser for taming those wild files and our new Punch & Crunch multiband dynamics tool for adding punch to dead tracks. A sophisticated Reverb algorithm can be used to spice up lifeless recordings.

CD Mastering:
A complete set of CD preparation functions that make CD Mastering from your vinyl collection faster and easier are also included. These are: Find and Mark Silent Passages for setting up track breaks on a record, Gain Normalize for volume equalization, Chop file into Pieces, and marker quantization for creating glitchless disk-at-once recordings.  We have a playlist feature for creating master tapes or export to CD writing programs.

The Multi-Filter
Create you own filter out of a combination of individual filters. You can select multiple different filters to apply to your audio in one pass. You can create a filter to do click removal, hiss removal and equalization and run it as a single filter. This not only saves time, but also improves overall quality because the audio is converted to high precision floating point, and kept that way all through the filter chain. If the filters were run individually, the intermediate results would have to be converted back to 16bit audio after each filter. Thus adding more quantization noise in the process.

Batch Processing
Got 1000 files on your hard drive that you need to clean and enhance?   Just select them all, tell Diamond Cut Millennium what processing you need, and it will process them all in one session. 

Punch and Crunch
Punch and Crunch is a multiband compressor/expander that allows you to spice up your mixes with dynamic bass or highs, without effecting the rest of the music. It allows you to compress or expand one band of frequencies without affecting the rest of the music. It can be used as an exciter to add punch to a song, or bring out a vocal that is too soft or as a compressor to tame level variations in a more musical way.

Other New Features

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