Virtual Valve Amplifier and Harmonic Exciter

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DC6 and DC-Art Millennium's Virtual Valve Amplifier will give your music that warm sound often associated with tube equipment. It will add sweet upper harmonic detail that has been lost from old recordings. It can also take the edge off of new brittle digital recordings. It works particularly well on vocals by enhancing the natural harmonics already present. Restored recordings can benefit from the Harmonic Exciter portion. It synthesizes missing upper harmonics and livens up an otherwise dull recording.

We didn't stop at the sweet and subtle, you can create some wild distortions and special effects using the VVA. The controls have the range to let you be creative, and presets to help you get started.

The VVA is a complete digital simulation of real tubes operating in their classic configurations.We have taken thousands of measurements of real tube amplifiers and created a digital model of their operation. We added a number of controls that allow the tube to be run in different configurations and with different operating points to allow for the widest variety of sounds.


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